Reviewing the Kedma Collections

As with many skincare brands, Kedma products are grouped in collections. These products exhibit similar qualities (for instance, they contain similar ingredients, or they’re intended as part of one routine). Kedma Collections offers three product groups: the Basic, Luxury, and Treatment Collections that targets certain skincare concerns you want to address.

Basic Collections

This Kedma series cover the basics. It features bath time essentials like shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and facial cleansers. For more luxurious soaks, Kedma offers salt scrubs in vanilla, peach & honey, lemongrass, and kiwi & mango as well as nourishing foot scrubs. You could throw on a purifying mud mask or hair mask while you enjoy your bath time.

After-bath care won’t go forgotten, as well. The Kedma Basic Collection includes toners, cleansers, facial peels, body butters, day and night creams, lifting serums, and gels.

This one has the fundamental products every Filipina needs for a healthy, glowing skin. But do all the products work? And do they work well together?

Luxury Collections

When Kedma said they offer luxury, they meant it. The Luxury Collections have a lot of premium ingredients — more than I’ve seen for any skin care product in the Philippines. These Kedma Collections feature creams and masks infused with gold and gems. In fact, there are collections dedicated to these precious objects.

  • The Royalty Collection – Includes creams, sauna masks, and serums fit for royalty. But would they make me feel as pampered as a princess?
  • The Gold Collection – Gold has been a beauty product reserved for the purple-cloaked nobility of old. But this Kedma Collection makes gold-infused skin products available for the everyday Filipina or Filipino. But would its creams, peels, body butter, and masks make me look as precious as gold?
  • The Platinum Collection – These products contain Q10, a substance that counteracts damage form free radicals and offers antioxidant properties. Would they be strong enough to counteract the damage on my skin, though?
  • The Gems Collection – This Kedma set is infused with active ingredients from sapphires, rubies, pearls, and diamonds (and comes in adorable Faberge egg-like packaging, too!). But would they make my skin as radiant as these stones?

Treatment Collection

My skin has gone through a lot, and it needs treatment to restore it to its former — I mean, several-years-ago former — glory. Luckily, there are two collections under this Kedma group: the Hyaluronic and the Collagen Collection. Which one is better for my skin type? I’ll soon find out.

Let’s Put Them to the Test

Kedma seems to have a lot of potential, given the ingredients its products uses. But would these products stand a chance against the humid weather in the Philippines? Kedma Collections feature many products, but would they really work well together?

My reviews will answer all that and more! Browse my articles and find out if Kedma Cosmetics is great for the Filipina or Filipino skin.

About Us

Kedma Cosmetics combines the secrets of ancient Egyptian cosmetics with the revitalizing properties of Dead Sea minerals, the anti-aging properties of gold and innovative production technologies to bring youth, health and vitality to women and men worldwide.

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