Reviewing the Kedma Bundles and Sets in the Philippines

We’re all busy people, and we love the things that make our lives more convenient and save us time. So let’s thank the heavens for skin care sets — those that have everything you need for an effective skin care routine. And I’m all hyped up for a Kedma set and bundle.

I admit that the luxurious packaging was what appealed to me. The kits also have products that seem like complement one another. I can say that the company really put serious thought in grouping the products.

The Kedma Sets and Bundles

Here are some of the sets and bundles Kedma offers in the Philippines:

  • Pure & Simple Kit – includes a Foaming Facial Scrub, Salt Scrub, and Body Butter
  • Rinse & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner Kit – contains a Black Mud Shampoo and a Balsam Conditioner
  • Golden Touch Nail Kit – include a cuticle oil, hand and body lotion, nail file, and buffer
  • Royalty Signature Set – contains the Royal Sauna Mask, Royal Active Serum, and Royalty Firming Cream
  • Collagen Signature Set – features the Collagen Facial Mask, Marine Collagen Booster, and Collagen Facial Cream
  • Platinum Signature Set – contains the Platinum Ultimate Cream, Platinum Instant Firming Mask, and Platinum Silky Serum
  • Hyaluronic Signature Gift Set – includes the Facial Restoring Mask, Personal Wrinkle Filler, Elixir++ Hydrating Day Serum, and Elixir++ Nourishing Night Serum
  • Golden Quartet – features the Gold Facial Toner, Gold Facial Serum, Gold Facial Cream, and Gold Facial Mask
  • Seven Wonders Signature Set – This Kedma set and bundle offer the combined effects of the Platinum, Hyaluronic, and Gold sets

Better Together?

One of the advantages of buying things in a set is that you get a discount. Plus, you don’t have to figure out which product goes well with which. The real test, however, is if they work better together. It doesn’t make sense to buy a set of products if they don’t work together to make your skin even more pampered and beautiful.

I (along with my skin-obsessed friends) are checking some sets and bundles by Kedma and see if they work well as a group. I’m especially intrigued by kits that contain products from different collections, since they were formulated differently from one another. On top of that, I’ll test how these Kedma sets and bundles work in the Philippines. Our Filipino and Filipina skin is no stranger to the sweltering heat, humidity, and pollution, after all.

I’m excited to try these out! Browse my articles and check out my final thoughts.

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Kedma Cosmetics combines the secrets of ancient Egyptian cosmetics with the revitalizing properties of Dead Sea minerals, the anti-aging properties of gold and innovative production technologies to bring youth, health and vitality to women and men worldwide.

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